Sunday, August 26, 2007

My first real mini-game!

This has to be the first real game that I have created, and it is of course in Python. The game reads your last input, and if it is one of the arrow keys, it will shift the map according to the direction you chose. It was slapped together pretty quickly, so the mechanism to exit and the display are very simple.

So far Python has been great, although I am not going as fast as I would like to in terms of reading my books. I've read roughly 150 pages in the Programming Python book and about 50 pages in the Python in a Nutshell book. I have decided to read through the latter book in order to get a better understanding of the foundation, and to better remember everything I learned from my first book. I setup a LAMP server with FTP and SSH access on my laptop(soon to be on a regular desktop computer), the URL being, and am hoping to do some CGI with Python on that server.

School is coming up, so this week is when I start going to bed earlier, start gathering materials needed, and review all the materials from last Spring and Winter semester. The main focus of my review will be Calculus. With so many classes, I'm nervous about my ability to focus on Calculus 2. The saving grace for me is that homework wasn't bad in the Spring semester, although we received a weeks worth every day, and if I can handle 3 hours and 30 minutes of Calculus 1 three times a week, 2 hours of Calculus 2 two times a week should be bearable. With 6 classes of electronics, and 3 having Mr. Harrill in them, I know I will do fine and be happy with my schedule for the next 3-4 months.

The program is packaged in a format commonly used on Linux, but if you are using Windows, be sure to download a program such as 7-Zip or winrar to open this package. To run the program, go to the directory that the files were unpackaged, and simply double click it(this is for Windows, remember that Python needs to be installed).
Attachment: minigame.tgz