Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just got back from camping

I went camping up at both the mouth of the Tahquamenon river and at Muskellunge Lake. My sisters, dad and I left on August 15th and I drove home with my dog Charlie this past Friday. Had a ton of fun, and played my Gameboy Advance a lot to pass the time. Unfortunately the game I bought for the trip was a counterfeit so I lost my save file after beating it (22 hours gone!). I'm in the process of getting a refund, the knucklehead actually expects me to send him back an illegal copy of the game before I get the refund, I'm pretty sure that violates some kind of copyright law. On top of that, as I was driving home a cop's lights went off right behind me. I got over and slowed down, and he shut his lights off and passed me. Guess going 10 over the limit was too slow for him haha.
When I got home two books were waiting for me, OpenGL Distilled and an Embedded Linux book from OReilly, can't seem to remember the name though. Almost done with the embedded book, I bought Running Linux and Linux Device Drivers to read next. I really enjoy learning about Linux, would love to make my own board and get Linux up and running on it.
Overall I'm having a lot of fun this month, and am excited that school is starting soon. I have all my books bought (probably saved around $120 by buying mostly used) and am hoping everything goes well for a research internship this year for school credit. I have pictures of my trip on my phone, I'll be sure to upload them. I especially am anxious to post the pictures of the night my cousin and I slept in this driftwood shack we found on the shores of Lake Superior at Whitefish Point. It was amazing being able to watch the stores and hear the waves crashing as we laid there, although it was a bit cold and windy. Good times.