Thursday, August 14, 2008

A few updates...

Nothing too exciting to post about, but a few things have changed recently. My job status has changed, I only work Fridays at SHAINC as of now, and am picking up a new job as the Electronics Student Assistant at Monroe County Community College. Not sure if I'll keep my SHAINC job, I know it's only Fridays, and it is an extra $80 a week, which is a lot, but thats a whole day each week that isn't devoted to potentially more important things. At SHAINC they want me to setup a new inventory system to make things easier, I plan on just setting up a bar code scanner and having a database store the inventory and its location. The main issue they have with inventory is not finding something that is in the back room, but whether or not it's there to begin with. This will take out that difficult process of finding this out.

I've been wondering if I should change my plans about College. While I really want to go to Lawrence Technological University for my Electrical Engineering Technology degree, I've been thinking of going to University of Michigan - Ann Arbor or Dearborn instead and pursuing a Computer Engineering degree first. I really love Computer Engineering, and I know this is what my future career will be. Instead of paying $21,000 at LTU for a Technologist degree, I may be better of paying $11,000 per year for 2 years and going for the Computer Engineering degree. I seem to have all the requirements for UM fulfilled by the end of this year, and if I do get accepted to UM Ann Arbor I will likely take that route (7th in the country for Computer Engineering). I know for a fact that UM Dearborn will accept me, and while they are still prestigious, I'm not sure if I will take that route. The one thing really swaying my opinion is the facilities. LTU's facilities are...archaic. I visited once, and was pretty dissapointed. They are a great school, but nothing compared to the godly North campus of UM. I'll send in my applications to the three schools probably in November/December and see what scholarship I can get. I know a lot of people will say so and so school is over-rated, but with over $700 million invested in the engineering department, it's hard to argue with one of the country's best engineering schools.