Friday, February 12, 2010

Second Month of the Semester!

With midterms coming out, a lot of time is currently spent studying! On top of that my friend (who with her 4.0 is just getting plenty of interview requests!) has been asking for help on improving her interview responses. We've been lately going over all these crazy questions, known as "microsoft questions", trying to have fun while simultaneously preparing. On top of that we have gone through answering generic questions such as "tell me about a problem you faced and how you solved it" or "how did you deal with working with someone you hated" and so on. She's done a great job so far and it really has shown with her interviews. My hopes are that my experience with my personal projects will get me the opportunities I want, I have so much experience that I really feel it gives me the edge against even some of the top people here at school. We'll see though. I'm really excited about the summer though, I recently joined another research group and as a backup plan I always have two research groups to work with over the summer. It's nice having a backup plan!