Monday, August 9, 2010

School is fast approaching!

In 4 weeks the Fall semester starts. I'm extremely excited and am anxiously waiting for the semester to start. In preperation for the semester, I bought and am reading all the books assigned for my Fall classes. I'm almost done with the first (EECS 320) book and am about to start my EECS 451 textbook. I also read a great Mechanical Engineering book last month and am halfway through a Chemistry book I bought. I'd also like to get in two books on UNIX and UNIX Networking by the end of the summer. Before the semester starts I'll make a follow up post listing all the books I managed to cover in the past 6 weeks.

I have found that I am very ADD when it comes to reading. To solve this I listen to music and alternate between reading and working out. I bought a workout bench for $75 and am loving it. I use it for all my dumbbell exercises. I've been working on a home server and created a Wiki for personal reasons, my workout routine is on there. This routine is a huge enhancement from my original workout routine. I researched all the major muscles and found dumbbell exercises that focus on each. Unfortunately I discovered muscles I haven't even touched! One being the "Pectoralis Major". I tried lifting some 35lb on it and that was not going to happen. I ended up pulling a muscle. I'm sore as hell today but it's gotten a lot better, I should be fine by tomorrow or the day after.

In addition to all my reading and exercising, I also have news about my internship. With only 3 weeks left, I'm anxious to finish it on a good note. Visteon has been good to me, the directors even took all of us out to a baseball game (Tigers vs. White Sox). It was in a suite, very nice! I have a meeting with my director, my supervisor, and my supervisor's boss. I essentially get to explain everything I did. I did quite a lot, so I'll have no problem discussing it all with them. I learned a lot this past summer and am extremely glad I took this position over going to Taiwan.

With the summer almost over, I have a lot to finish up. I've kept contact with friends to a minimum, have been focusing on my work, and am going to finish this summer having accomplished a lot. I will be ready for next semester! I will do great. I am so excited.