Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nearing completion of my book, very anxious!

5 Chapters left, or roughly 100 pages to go until I finish Learning Python(the book). I'm very excited, soon I will be able to move onto Programming Python and start to do some real programming. Unfortunately with all the excitement of finishing this book comes the anxiousness of wanting to start the next book. I started reading Learning Python the second week of this month(9th or 10th, can't remember which), and after 3 weeks I am already becoming very familiar with the language. My hopes are to have this book finished by Wednesday. Chapter 25 is really short, some 10 pages long, so I will probably finish that tonight, leaving me with 4 chapters to read over the next 3 days. I will be able to read two chapters at work Tuesday, so I can almost guarantee finishing by Wednesday.

My second year of college(and fourth semester) starts next month also, August 30th, two days after my birthday! With only a month left until school I feel a need to start moving through my Python studies a little faster, this fall I have 23 credits, and although the only concern is Calculus 2 as far as difficulty, I am still kind of weary about having so many classes. Heres a list of the classes I have(in no particular order),
  1. ELEC-133-01 = Circuit Analysis
  2. MATH-172-01 = Calculus II
  3. ELEC-211-01 = Med Voltage Power Dist Systems
  4. ELEC-137-01 = Microprocessors
  5. ELEC-134-01 = Electronics II
  6. ELEC-130-01 = Introduction to PLCs
  7. ELEC-126-01 = DC Motors and Controls
7 classes in total, thank goodness they are all classes I will enjoy. I love electronics, and math is an awesome subject, so I should be fine this upcoming semester. If homework is the equivalent to what it was last Winter when I had 17 credit hours, then I should have plenty of time on the weekends to continue studying Python. Thank goodness, even with so many credits, that I could maintain having Friday off. The extra money saved from not having to drive 35 miles on Fridays really helps.

I'll probably get back to my book in an hour, going to grab something to eat soon and just browse some of my favorite sites, such as Digg, Slashdot, AllaboutCircuits, and so on.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bought more Python books!

My virtualized server of Windows XP running my bot
(apparently I overwrote this image with another, stupid me for using a generic "desktop.jpg")

In my quest to learn all that is Python, I purchased 2 more books, Python in a Nutshell, and Python Cookbook. I am close to finishing my Learning Python book, as of now I am halfway through chapter 23, only 6 chapters left! After I complete Learning Python, its on to Programming Python and studying my other two books. At some point, probably when I near completion of Programming Python, I may purchase wxPython in Action, which has gotten great reviews. I really want to be able to program with a good GUI module that will allow me to work well under any platform, not just my native Ubuntu Linux OS.

The issue of understanding Classes is taken care of, I now understand it well! It turns out that the first part of the section on Classes was talking about examples of Classes more than actually teaching and explaining it. My main concern though is doing well on the assignment problems at the end of the section for when I finish this chapter today. I often get stuck and have to refer to the Appendix for hints and answers.

On a side note, my bot for Diablo 2 seems to be on an item slump, have yet to find anything in a while. Right now it only does Pindle runs, but hopefully with my saved up fg I should be able to afford good equipment to run Kukbot for all the major bosses in the game, then the real income starts! As I listen to my Windwaker music, I'm considering getting on Starcraft. Jason and I played last night and easily won, and I could really go for some more.

Try out my Python game I made a while ago, it plays Tic-Tac-Toe(crude AI and horrible programming, but it still works!). To run it under Linux, simply go to the directory of the file in your terminal and type "python".

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pythons a Pain

Earlier this month I bought a book on Python(the programming language). I really want to expand my abilities with not only electronics but computer technology, so naturally learning programming languages will help. I bought the book Learning Python, and after some 300 pages I am at chapter 20 of 29. I also bought Programming Python, a massive 1,500 page book that expands upon Learning Python. I should be finished with my first book by the end of this month, and when I'm close to finishing it I will purchase the cookbook and reference book for Python. I eventually want to move on to C++, and I feel that by learning a high level language will allow me to get into the "feel" of programming, from which I can expand to more complex languages while still being able to use Python as a scripting language. I'll admit, I do get stuck quite often on learning Python, but I believe it is only because this book likes to really go heavy on descriptions, while I learn best by examples. Classes is a little confusing, so I'm hoping I get it down pretty fast.