Monday, October 25, 2010

So far, so good!

The semester is going great so far. I did really good on my 320 midterm, and did good on the EECS 451 exam! I still have to take EECS 312 midterm (tomorrow) and get back my 230 midterm on Wednesday. Overall I'm confident in this semester, and am excited!

The class I like least is easily Technical Communication 300. That class is a pain for a 1 credit course! I have to do an oral report tomorrow night after my midterm! Oh well, just glad it will be over with after this semester. EECS 312 is probably the one I'm least confident in, simply because it's such a strange class. I feel like it's a combination of EECS 320, EECS 270, and a little of EECS 427. The class is just very strange, and the homework is often not fully covered in class/the book in a clear manner. In addition I heard that the professor grades really harshly. I love the professor and I love what I'm learning, but it's stressful none-the-less!

My social life this semester is also very good! I've made many friends, have met many people I knew in previous classes, and have learned a lot from those I've befriended. Surprisingly I have met many people from China. I had a couple of Chinese friends last year who transferred from Shanghai but all of my classes this semester have a huge proportion of transfer students. The ones who I have made friends with though a very awesome, and it's always fun getting to know people from other parts of the world. I look forward to seeing who else I can meet. University of Michigan has really helped me to meet all kinds of people, from the Ivory Coast of Africa, to Ukraine, to China, to Korea, Malaysia, Australia, and so on.