Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How to capture the legendary beasts (Gold/Silver/Crystal)

Recently I started playing Crystal again (a favorite childhood game) and found that no correct guide existed for this, so I decided to write this.


  1. First you need to discover each legendary beast to reveal its location in the pokedex map
    1. Put a level 30 pokemon (such as the shiny Gyarados you might have caught) as your first pokemon.
    2. Fly to Ecruteak City and go down to Route 37.
    3. Use Max Repel and travel in the grass for 5 seconds. To maximize repel, you can change your character's direction without moving by tapping in a new direction. This will trigger wild pokemon discovery without using any repel steps.
    4. Next, go down to Route 36 and travel in the grass for another 5 seconds.
    5. Next, go down to Route 35 and travel in the grass for another 5 seconds.
    6. If no legendary pokemon are found, repeat steps 2 through 6. It's important that you use fly to fully reset their position.
  2. Once you have discovered Raikou/Suicune/Entei, you can take advantage of its movement patterns to find it faster. 
    1. First, prepare a level 55 Jynx with the moves Mean Look and Lovely Kiss as your first pokemon. You also need a high level pokemon with False Swipe, such as Scyther or Marowak.
    2. Fly back to Ecrutek City and go down to Route 37. Check your pokedex for the legendary pokemon's location, if it's in Route 37 go ahead and try to encounter it in the grass, otherwise go to step 3. Do not use repel otherwise you will not see it since Jynx is a higher level. After every 5 encounters, double check the pokedex location, as they will sometimes change location after a random number of battles.
    3. If the pokemon is not located in Route 37, check if it's located in Route 36, 35, 32, or 31, or 33. If the pokemon is in that direction, head towards that route using your bike. Do not fly or you'll reset their position. As you're heading towards the pokemon, be sure to check your pokedex map whenever you enter a new route.
    4. If they are no longer in Router 37/36/35/33/32/31, fly back to Ecrutek City to reset their position, then repeat steps 2 through 4.
    5. Once you encounter the legendary pokemon, use Lovely Kiss to put them to sleep, then use Mean Look. Switch to your False Swipe pokemon and get the enemy down to 1 health before switching back to Jynx. From there just ensure the pokemon is put to sleep whenever it wakes, otherwise throw pokeballs (such as Ultra ball) at it.
Explanations (optional information):
  • Flying is the only way to guarantee randomly resetting their position, entering a building/gatehouse doesn't guarantee this.
  • The legendary beasts follow a pattern. They have a higher chance of moving around a specific area but also a small chance of randomly resetting their position. We try to take advantage of this pattern, which is why we try to discover them quickly with a level 30 pokemon. If you just do the Route 38 trick of leaving and entering the gatehouse repeatedly it will take much longer to trigger their random position reset.
  • Jynx has Lovely Kiss because it has a 75% chance to sleep. She has Mean Look because, while it doesn't guarantee that they don't use Roar, it forces them to use a random move instead of fleeing when they wake. They will sometimes use Roar, sometimes use another move. You need Jynx at around level 55 because she needs to be faster than the beasts (especially Raikou) to get off the Lovely Kiss before the pokemon flees/roars.
  • Be ready to throw 30-50 ultra balls to catch each one. I highly recommend using a master ball on the last beast when you first discover it. Crystal makes this much easier by having Suicune be a regular encounter.

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